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The al-Quran project is a website that people around the world visit for a variety of reasons, some of which is to read, explorer and learn more about the Quran and its variety of translations. We believe that it is neither up to us as an open source project to tell which translation people should or shouldn’t read, nor to judge which translations we find good and bad, right and wrong etc. Obviously, this leaves us with one option; and that is to include all translations available online for exploring by anyone, anywhere, and by this, leaving the choice of judging which translations are sound (and biased), up to you as the user of the project page. Nevertheless, some general categories and keywords have been added to guide e.g. the novice reader.

The reviews and opinions expressed here do not necessarily reflect the views of all (or any) of the team behind the project webpage and is solely rooted in a wide range of reviews, statements and personal opinions the translator have made or views as expressed in e.g. the preface, introduction, annotated text etc.

Note: The translations marked with a asterisk (*) are not included in the project page (mostly due to either lacking funds, not available in print anymore or as a result of copyright laws).

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