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Amazigh Quran translations

The first modern Quran translations in Amazigh language began to show up in the late 20th century. The linguistic Kamal Naït-Zerrad made a partial translation (in Latin characters) of the Qur’an in Amazigh language, at the Centro Studi Camito-Semitici, Milan (Italy) in 1998. As a partial translation it covers only the second half of the al-Quran. This translation had a somewhat neologistic approach and was by many found difficult to understand.

Hadj Mohand Tayeb *

A retired teacher in Arabic and former inspector, Sheikh Hadj Mohand Tayeb*, made a complete translation of the Quran (in Arabic characters) into Amazigh language in 2005. The work was funded and support from the Algerian Ministry of Affairs religious and published by King Fahad Quran Complex in Medina (Saudi Arabian).

Ramdane Aït Mansour

In 2006, the former university professor and author Ramdane Aït Mansour (Ramdane At Mansour) made the second complete translation of the Quran into Amazigh language (in Latin characters) with support and funding from the Algerian Ministry of Culture. It is highly accepted and by most seen as a translation in excellent quality. The translation has since been published in a second revised edition.